Projects completed

Fuel feeding and bottom cinder removal systems

Design, construction and delivery of 4 lines for fuel feeding (incl. storages) plus cinder removal system (sieving and grinding included) as well as technical support during installation and commissioning on client’s site were in the project scope.

Modernization of combustion chamber ash removal system of boiler OFz450B with installation of process water cooling.

This was a turnkey project that started with disassembling of ash separators from ash removal system and continued with construction, installation and commissioning of new system.


Modernization of sorbent feeding system on fluidized-bed boilers KFA and KFB (OFz 450 type).

This turnkey project was based on comprehensive adjustment of fluidized-bed boilers to IED standard in turnkey EC Żerań.

Chain deslaggers

The project included design, construction, delivery and installation of four (4) chain deslaggers.


Movable floor

The project included design, construction and delivery of movable floor (dimensions 4,5m x 9m) with hydraulic drive for transportation system in biogas station.


Cryolite transportation system for NORDURA, Iceland

The project consisted in design, construction and delivery of  two chain conveyors, bucked feeder and two-way dumping station with electric drive.


Delivery of slag transportation devices to Elektrownia Rybnik [Rybnik Power Plant] 

Delivery of devices to transport slag from-under reactor and exhaust ducts to reactor for modernized exhaust de-sulphuring system on units  1 ,5, 6 and 8  in Rybnik Power Plant.

The scope of works included design and delivery of a system composed of four chain conveyors and a grinder per each power unit.  


Modernization of mill waste transportation in PGE Opole S.A. Power Plant

The project consisted in preparation of technical design of the installation from mechanical and electrical point of view, construction of device, their assembly, installation and commissioning.   


Two-way ash removal conveyor shunts

Two-way conveyors shunts change the way or direction ash is transported in pipelines, The project scope included design documentation, construction and delivery of 51 conveyor shunts with different diameters.



Belt conveyor system for Aluminium Sulphate Production Plant

The project consisted in construction of 7 belt conveyors with one mobile belt conveyor with adjustable angle within the range 0-200 and both sides tilt adjustment 0-500.

Plate conveyor with feed bucket equipped with rotary pneumatic grate

The project consisted in preparation of design documentation, construction of the device, supervision of assembly and commissioning.


Modernization of devices for cinders removal system of the OP-430 boiler

The modernization scope included construction and assembly of chain deslagger with slag hopper.   

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