Fuel feeding

We realize projects for installation of fuel feeding systems based on the interconnected systems:
belt conveyors, chain conveyors, worm conveyors, vibration conveyors that create technological process that starts from fuel storage in boiler-side tanks, through transport system and coal dosage into boiler combustion chamber.

Delivered technological systems include complete equipment necessary for proper functioning, stable operation and ensure trouble-free operation.
Our scope of supply for installations includes main and auxiliary devices, such as:

main devices:

- worm conveyor / worm feeder
- chain conveyor  / chain feeder
- chain pushing conveyor / chain pushing feeder
- chain pulling conveyor / chain pulling feeder
- screw conveyor  / screw feeder
- drag conveyor / drag feeder
- reverse conveyor / reverse feeder
- weighing conveyor / weighing feeder 

and auxiliary devices.

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