Material processing

Material machining

Longitudinal carving of elements up to L=3200mm long and B=1200mm wide.
- wheels – up to  O=810mm and  L=300mm,
- mandrills - up to  O=630mm and L=2000mm,     .
- shafts - up to  O=500mm and L=4000mm,
Chiselling up to L=240mm long.              
Holes locating, drilling, milling in elements with max width B=1000mm.
Milling elements with one fastening with max dimensions 300mm x 1000mm.
Centreless grinding from  O=18mm to  O=70mm.
Rolling, planning, drilling, milling of small details on universal material processing machines. 

Material cutting

Cutting metal sheets on CNC hydraulic trimmer (sheets dimensions up to 16 mm thick and 3100mm long).
Scissor cutting of profiles up to 12mm thick and 100mm wide.
Buzz saw cutting of rods with diameter up to 250mm.
Frame saw cutting of cylindrical profiles with length up to 100mm.
Plasma and oxygen CNC cutting – table with dimensions 2x6m, equipment includes: turntable for pipe cutting within the range of diameters from 50 to 620mm.

Cutting, printing and bending

Cutting and printing on eccentric press with pressure up to 160t.
Steel sheet bending on hydraulic CNC press with pressure 300t and up to 3760 mm length.
Bending of petty details on hydraulic press with pressure up to 32 t.

Material thermal processing

Material thermal processing in electrical stoves of details with maximum dimensions: 350mm x 350mm x 700mm

Shielded metal arc welding and gas-shielded welding, MAG, MIG, TIG.

We own production warehouse with dimensions 25x125m.

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