Vibration conveyors

Vibration conveyor / vibration feeder is a type of conveyor/feeder wherein the material moves in a chute or pipe due to its inertia.

The use of vibration conveyors/vibration feeders:
Vibration conveyors / Vibration feeders are generally designed to transport dry, bulk or lump materials to a short distances (up to 7 meters).
It is also possible to use interconnected set of vibration conveyors/vibration feeders.
Vibration conveyors / vibration feeders are especially recommended for the transport of highly abrasive materials and where containment of the transportation route is required.
In addition to the transportation function, vibration conveyor / vibration feeder may be used for initial classification of the material, its drainage, proper orientation, humidification, cooling, heating, etc.

Vibration conveyors/vibration feeders are equipped with vibrators with different frequencies of vibration, what allows proper speed adjustment.
Depending on the situation, vibration conveyors / vibration feeders may be developed as enclosed with a drive located on the top, bottom or sideway, as supported or suspended version.
For better feeder adjustment it is possible to use frequency converters or feeders with electromagnetic drive.

We have complete sets of spare parts for our conveyors / feeders.

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