Chain conveyors

Chain conveyor / chain feeder is used to dose and transport bulk material like: biomass, coal, gravel, cinder, lime, gypsum, slag, and as well alternative fuels – material with higher temperature and others.

Chain conveyors / chain feeders of ELEWATOR S.A. design are constructed as modular i.e. each module is composed of the following components that constitute the complete device: drive head, strain head, transporting unit, chain tie and motor.

All elements of a conveyor/ feeder, except from the motor and chain tie, are connected with each other with flanges and gaskets, which allows for easy transport, assembly and disassembly and ensures system tightness. Chain tie is the linking element for all conveyor/ feeder components. The tie length and width depends on the conveyor/ feeder construction and output.

The conveyor/ feeder inlet and outlet are located in accordance with operation requirements of the user.

We always have sets of spare parts for our conveyors/ feeders available for our customers.

Technical characteristics of chain conveyors/ chain feeders:
          - line type:
                • horizontal
                • slanted
                • polyline
          - output:
                • up to Qmax=100 t/h for coal transport
                • Qmax=200 t/h for biomass transport
          - length: Lmax=60m
          - width:  Bmax=2m
Technical solutions in chain conveyors/ chain feeders:
- tight version to operate in overpressure system,
- welded or casted chains,
- ties based on chains that may be:
                • mining links with higher strength
                • wrought
- spacer and roller
- electric geared motor with frequency changer
- safety devices of both mechanical and electrical side,
- metal sheets and  slides constructed of wear-resistant steel,
- the following sensors may be provided:
                • rotation failure sensor
                • line safety switch-offs
                • material pile-up sensor
                • chain strain sensor
                • visual and audio signal lamps
- chain strain:
                • helical
                • sprain
                • hydraulic
- anticorrosive proofing in accordance to environment requirements

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