Bucket conveyors

Depending on the type of transported material, conveyors / feeders / elevators can be gravitational or centrifugal. Therefore, the bucket belt may be gummed or steel chains may be used.

Bucket conveyors/ bucket feeders / elevators are used in various industries, e.g. food, chemical and others. Bucket conveyors / bucket feeders / elevators are most commonly used in construction materials industry (cement, lime, gypsum, silicate and gas aerated clay).

Drive unit is located in the upper part of bucket conveyor / bucket feeder / elevator and consists of  casing, tail-shaft, driver and discharge.

Feeding hopper and discharge may be located in any place, depending on the operational needs of conveyor / feeder / elevator.

Technical characteristics of bucket conveyors / bucket feeders / elevators:

- type:
    - centrifugal
    - gravitational
- performance: Qmax=205 m3/h
- width of bucket: B=160, 250, 355, 450, 630, 800mm
- height of lifting: Hmax=40m

Technical solutions in bucket conveyors / bucket feeders / elevators:

- type of bucket:
           - deep cylindrical
           - shallow cylindrical
           - dorsal
- tie:
           - sleeve-roll chain
           - welded chain
           - driving belt
- carbon steel or acid-proof or wear resistant steel buckets
- gearmotor drive with frequency converter
- equipped with safety devices on both mechanical and electrical side
- equipped with sensors:
            - rotation loss sensor
            - overflow of feet and discharge sensor
            - audio and visual signals

We have all spare parts to offered conveyor / feeder /elevator:
- bucket
- socket
- star wheel
- chain star
- chain
- coupling link
- sprocket
- propeller shaft
and others.

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