Apron conveyors

Apron conveyor / apron feeder is used to transport bulk materials with large variety of granulation, from small lumps to chunks, alternative fuels and materials with high temperature.

Apron conveyors / apron feeders are designed to work in difficult operating conditions in smelting, mining, cement, plaster industry etc.

Apron conveyors / apron feeders by ELEWATOR S.A. design are constructed in accordance with the requirements of customers and include the following components:

- power unit,
- tension unit,
- chain tie unit,
- frame,
- safety casing and covers

Tension unit of the conveyor / feeder consists of bearing return shaft and adaptor sleeves with toothed chain hubs.

We have complete sets of spare parts for our conveyors.

Apron conveyors are particularly useful to select materials from the storage bins, bunkers and to feed material into other transport devices.

Conveyors / feeders offered by ELEWATOR S.A are characterized by high resistance to overload and strokes by heavy chunks with sharp edges and by high efficiency.

Technical characteristics of apron conveyors / apron feeders:

- performance: Qmax = 500 t/h
- length: Lmax = 20m
- width: Bmax = 2000mm

Technical solutions in apron conveyors / apron feeders:
- tie:
       • sleeve-roll chain
       • welded chain
       • caterpillar chain

- gearmotor drive with frequency converter
- safety devices on both mechanical and electrical side
- equipped with sensors:
       • rotation loss sensor
       • overflow of feet and discharge sensor
       • audio and visual signals
- rustproofing adjusted to operational environment

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