Shut-off and regulation dampers are used on cool and hot air piping and exhaust gas pipelines of steam and water boilers where the temperature of the medium does not exceed 400° C at a pressure of 6000 Pa.

Dampers consist of rectangular or circular steel frame, one or more movable segments and trigger with tie rods. Moving segments of the regulation damper are equipped with additional profiled claddings, enabling smooth adjustment of product flow through damper during opening or closing. Changing the position of movable segments in relation to the frame may take place only within 90° angle with product flow through open damper, wherein for regulation damper the product flow is adjustable in a range of opening angle from 0° to 65°.

Changing the position of the movable damper segment may be accomplished by the use of any servo-motor. Each movable segment of the damper is composed of metal sheets and a shaft with two pins. Such a segment is built into damper frame thanks to special construction of slide bearings or self-aligning ball bearings group and stuffing boxes.

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