Process systems

We deliver process systems to energy sector and industry in general.



We provide services in designing technological lines and their special-purpose components used in energy sector.


We are specialized in the production of devices and machines being components of technological systems for fuel and dry material continuous transport in energy sector.



Modernization of production lines and renovation of particular devices working in the energy sector is one of our services.

Polish manufacturer of auxiliary systems for energy sector.

The company specializes in the production of machinery, devices and auxiliary systems for  utility boilers and particularly for fluidized-bed boilers.

We are technology provider for energy sector and we rely on our own products. As General Contractor, we perform work on all stages - designing, production in our plants, assembly, start-up, optimization and commissioning of the technology provided.

The primary objective for us is to provide high-quality services and to deliver products that meet customers’ requirements and expectations.

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